Solar Water Pump

Sun’s abundant power source can be an answer to our day to day water pumping solutions. Solar water Pump can be an effective solution to pumping problems with very little expense and absolutely no fuel costs.

Solar water pump consist of calibrated solar array of module to match power requirement for submersible water pump. Solar Water Pumps are capable and designed to meet water requirement from domestic needs to irrigation. These systems can easily be integrated with existing Irrigation pumps, surface pump, submersible or any type of electrical water pump.


  • Daily Water Supply.
  • Agriculture Irrigation.
  • Livestock Water Supply.

 Advantage of Solar Water Pump:

  • Auto Operation, labour free.
  • Suitable to all kind of pumps, including 3-Phase AC pumps, single-phase AC pump and DC pumps.
  • Wide range of input voltage, suitable to different PV modules.
  • Modular design, scalable and easy to maintain.
  • Safe and reliable
  • Solar & Hybrid solution, with 24hr operation.

In addition, many of states government has provision for subsidy to farmer for solar pump installation. For more information contact us, we are happy to hear from you!

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