Hospitals requires a high amount of electricity to power life saving medical equipment and keep medical and surgical services running 24 hours a day. The overall number and the cost of solar panels that should be installed in a hospital will depend on the size of the hospital and the amount of electricity needed to power the hospitals machinery, lighting and heating. Solar PV work well as an alternative energy source for hospitals. Photo-Voltaic solar panels are used to convert solar radiation into electricity.Solar PV panels are often best placed and can receive the optimum amount of sunlight if they are installed on the roof of a building.Solar panels can generate electricity even on cloudy days, however, the greater the concentration of sunlight the greater the amount of electricity produced.Hospitals generally require all of their grounds for building space and parking so mounting hospital solar panels on the roof is advised as the best option. Combined with power shortages and rising cost of diesel, rooftop solar power makes a compelling case for implementation in hospitals.

Benefits of Solar in Hospitals:

  • Save on electricity bills with reducing carbon emissions.
  • Noise and pollution free operation which is more in keeping with the intended peaceful and healthy environment of a hospital.
  • Various grants and schemes by state governments for being part of these green revolution.

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